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Caring for patients

Qualified clinicians and healthcare practitioners work throughout our business. One of their key roles is to offer personalised support and guidance on a wide range of health matters to our members when needed.

The range of expertise we have in house means we can provide additional support to your patients from a medical, physical and emotional perspective. We’re able to do this before, during and after treatment.

Each of our services is designed to coordinate with and complement those you provide. Using them sensitively and appropriately helps to provide a cohesive healthcare experience for our members.

Our clinicians and healthcare professionals

Our clinicians and healthcare professionals, with hospital and community experience in a variety of fields, are able to provide dedicated, personalised support for patients and their families.

Among the broad spectrum of specialisms in our teams, you’ll find:

  • oncology nurses
  • cardiac nurses
  • pharmacists and pharmacologists
  • psychiatric nurses
  • midwives
  • physiotherapists
  • counsellors.

This list is subject to change.

Clinical case management

All complex cases, such as those involving a spinal condition, cardiac condition, cancer or long-term rehabilitation, are case managed by our teams of qualified nurses and case managers.

They will work with you and your patient, discussing treatment plans and liaising with other providers and clinics. They can provide practical guidance on how we can best provide cover and pay claims, and will also offer guidance and support to the member and their family.

Cancer Care Team - individual care plans for our members

Our healthcare insurance plans are designed to deliver the most appropriate cover for our members. In some cases, this may mean using the NHS for certain aspects of treatment and using some of our member's cover to pay for valuable support, such as help with childcare or home life. We liaise with members, specialists and other teams to assess when this may be appropriate.

Qualified Dedicated Nurse service

With clinical expertise and experience in oncology and cardiology, our nurses provide an additional, supporting role that is highly valued by our members who have been diagnosed with cancer or heart conditions.

Following a diagnosis, our Customer Service Advisers offer our members access to our Dedicated Nurse Service. If a member wishes to use this service, we will establish contact with a named nurse with the appropriate clinical expertise who will support the member and their family throughout the duration of treatment and recovery.

Because each member is supported by one nurse, the nurse can provide continuity and build a complete understanding of their needs. For the member, there’s the extra reassurance that they have someone to turn to, who fully understands their condition.

Health at Hand – 24-hour medical information line

All our members can call our Health at Hand service and talk to a member of our dedicated team of experienced nurses and counsellors about any health concern they may have, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please note our pharmacists and midwives are here from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, until 4pm on Saturday, and until 12pm on Sunday.

Becoming recognised

Find out more about becoming recognised by AXA PPP healthcare.

The Healthcare Professional Enquiry Centre

Information including our schedule of procedures and fees, and how to change your details.

You can also securely contact us online with any other queries you may have.

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