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Clinic Support Centre

The Clinic Support Centre is designed to support our Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopath Clinics with any queries they have while working with us.

I want to get my clinic recognised with AXA PPP healthcare, or add new treatment sites to an existing clinic agreement

We're not recognising any new clinics at the moment, nor are we adding any treatment sites to existing clinic agreements. We're satisfied with our provision of clinics across the country.

You can, however, apply for individual recognition with us if you wish. In order to become recognised with AXA PPP healthcare, you'll need to make sure you satisfy our recognition criteria, which you can find here.

You can then apply for recognition with the Private Practice Register (PPR), who'll check the information provided is accurate and then send us details of your application for us to review. This can take up to 21 days in total.

We've recently merged with, or acquired, an existing clinic of yours

If you're an existing clinic of ours and you've merged with another existing clinic that is also recognised by us, we need to know. We also need to know if you've acquired an existing clinic of ours, but don't have contract with us yourself. We'll require explicit agreement from both parties.

Please complete the form below and send us the appropriate information, and we'll get in touch.

I've recently employed a new practitioner and I need to let you know

Under your contract with AXA PPP healthcare, you are responsible for making sure your providers are suitably trained to treat our members. This includes ensuring that:

  • The services provided are covered by the contract you have with us.
  • The individual is registered with the appropriate regulatory body.
  • The individual holds a clean license.
  • The individual has sufficient indemnity cover.

We do not need to be made aware of any changes. If we require this information in the future, we'll ask you for this directly.

What treatment has been agreed for my patient?

We’re sorry, but our commitment to confidentiality means that we can’t discuss with you what treatment we have agreed to cover.

Please discuss agreed treatments directly with your patient, who can give you the authorisation number.

I need to change my details with you

If you're moving offices or wish to change your payment method, please send us a letter outlining what changes we need to make. This should be completed by your Company Secretary.

Please upload this letter using the form below. Once we have this, we'll give you a call to confirm we should be making the changes outlined.

If you are an Individually Recognised Healthcare Professional, please visit the Private Practice Register to make any changes to your details.

I'd like to review my contract with AXA PPP healthcare

If you'd like to review your contract with us, including adding additional services you will need to contact us using our Contract Review form.

Please note, we will only review fees after you have been in contract for a period of three years. We will consider adding additional services at any time, but this will usually be at our published fee of £35 for Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic Treatment.

Other queries

Please select from one of the following categories:

I have an accounts query


I want to submit an invoice online


Terms of Recognition and Agreements


Schedule of Procedures and Fees


I'm an individually recognised Healthcare Professional


'Worried about fraud?’

Please call our 24 hour, confidential, Whistle-blower Line on 0800 206 1805

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