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Faster access to diagnosis and treatment

Directing our members to your clinical expertise quickly and easily is fundamental to us.

This was one of the key reasons for developing our unique Fast Track Appointments service. The service makes open referrals straightforward for our members by enabling us to authorise treatments, understand our members’ appointment preferences, identify up to three appropriate specialists, and agree which appointment to book – by the end of the next working day following pre-authorisation.

Appropriate clinical care

Our Fast Track Appointments team has extensive knowledge of the hospitals in our network and the specialisms and sub-specialties of our specialists. The team includes qualified nurses who ensure we select appropriate specialists or practitioners for the specialism and sub-specialty detailed in the GP’s open referral.

The right patients for you

When you apply to be recognised, we’ll ask you for your practice details and admitting privileges, specialist area and special interests to aid us in directing patients to you. The Fast Track Appointments service works best for you when we have all your latest details. So please always make sure we’re up to date with any changes and details of your specialty. 

  1. Open referral

    Our member calls us to tell us they have an open referral from their GP.

  2. Authorise treatment

    We authorise eligible treatment specified by the GP and find out when and where our member would like to be seen.

  3. Contact specialists

    We locate up to three specialists in the postcode area the member wants to be seen. We then contact the hospital or specialist's secretary to make a suitable appointment for the member.

  4. Appointment booked

    By the end of the next working day, we call the member back to agree which appointment to book and then book their appointment.

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