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Supporting you and your practice

As soon as you become one of our recognised specialists or practitioners, you become a key part in providing healthcare to our members. So it’s really important that we support you and your practice well.

We base our ability to do this on our medical experience and the many healthcare professionals working within our business – whether that’s when we’re developing products and services or handling individual cases.

Within the medical and clinical teams advising on and developing policy in our business, you’ll find doctors, researchers, nurses, pharmacologists, physiotherapists and psychologists. The clinicians who support and talk to members directly have significant expertise and experience from a wide range of medical backgrounds, including oncology, cardiology, dentistry, and psychiatry, to name just a few.

Every area of our business is supported by a medical advisory team. It’s their role to provide appropriate and qualified expertise to ensure that medical considerations are central to informing every decision we make.

Medical policy

Medical policy is overseen by our Chief Medical Officer and managed by doctors and health professionals in our policy and research teams.

Our aim is always to make the best possible healthcare affordable for our members. To do this, we embrace the opportunities as well as face up to the challenges brought by continuing advances in medicine. We systematically review the treatments we cover and look for ways to give our members access to them.

One of our greatest challenges is to decide how to bring the greatest benefit to our members from the contributions they make. When reviewing new treatments and technologies, we look for ways to give our members access to those that are proven and safe, based on robust research and evidence. We’ll also consider supporting members when they wish to participate in ethically approved clinical trials.

Here when you need us

Our healthcare professional support team is here to handle your queries by phone or email and give you any extra support you might need.

Becoming recognised

Find out more about becoming recognised by AXA PPP healthcare.

The Healthcare Professional Enquiry Centre

Information including our schedule of procedures and fees, and how to change your details.

You can also securely contact us online with any other queries you may have.

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